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"Order" is anelectronic application formed in the system of the Online Store on the basis ofthe Buyer's intention and their actions under the ordering procedure, aimed atthe purchase of the Goods in the Online Store.
"User" - an individualwho is a visitor of the Site.
"Seller" - LarossoLtd, having registered address at: SpyrouKyprianou, 61 SK HOUSE 4003, Limassol,Cyprus.
"Buyer" - a capablenatural person who intends to order the Goods or has ordered the Goods from theOnline Store for use solely for personal, family, household and other similarpurposes, not related to business activities.
"Site" or "Online Store" means the websitelocated on the Internet at, which contains the Goods offered by theSeller to Buyers for purchase.
"Goods" - the productsoffered by the Seller for purchase by Buyers in the Online Store.  
"Courier Service"means a company engaged by the Seller to deliver the Goods to the specificaddress specified by the Buyer in the Order.


1.1. The Site belongs to the Seller and is administered by the latter.
1.2. This Agreement is a public offer and applies to all the Goods, as longas they are present in the catalog of the Online Store.
1.3. The User/Buyer agrees with the terms of this Agreement (accepts them),including by committing any of the following actions: using any functions ofthe Site; going through the identification procedure on the Site; registering apersonal account on the Site; placing an Order in the Online Store.
1.4. The User/Buyer fills in his/her data on the Site for identificationpurposes, specifying: full name, contact phone number, e-mail address, the addressfor delivery of the Goods. The Buyer is responsible for the accuracy andreliability of this information.


2.1. The Buyer intending to buy the Goods at the Online Store chooses the Goodsand proceeds to the placing of an Order. 2.2. The characteristics and properties of the Goods, their price and otherconditions are specified in the description of the Goods in the Online Store.The photographs accompanying the Goods are illustrations of them and may notrepresent the actual appearance of the Goods. The characteristics/descriptionsaccompanying the Goods do not claim to be exhaustive and may containtypographical errors. To clarify the information on the Goods, the Buyer shouldcontact the manager of the Online Store in the chat of the Online Store or at:
2.3. When placing the Order, the Buyer shall undergo the procedure ofidentification and provide the Seller with the data necessary for the executionof the Order by the Seller, including the data specified in clause 1.4 of theAgreement. The Buyer shall bear the risk of adverse consequences due to theprovision of incorrect/incomplete information, which resulted in theimpossibility for the Seller or third parties engaged by the Seller to perform properlytheir obligations to the Buyer.
2.4. In case the Goods ordered by the Buyer are out of stock, the Sellershall have the right to exclude the Goods from the Order/cancel the Buyer'sOrder by notifying the Buyer by sending a corresponding message to the e-mailaddress specified by the Buyer when placing the Order, or by a phone call ofthe manager of the Online Store. In case of partial or full cancellation of theprepaid Order, the cost of the relevant cancelled part or the entire cancelledOrder is returned by the Seller to the Buyer in the way, by which the Order waspaid for.
2.5. The contract of retail sale of the Goods, under which the Sellerundertakes to transfer the Goods into the possession of the Buyer, and theBuyer undertakes to accept and pay for them, shall be considered concluded fromthe moment the Buyer places the Order in the Online Store.
2.6. After placing the Order, the Buyer is provided with the informationabout the details of the Order, as well as the expected date of delivery of theGoods, by sending an email to the email address and/or by phone specified bythe Buyer.


3.1. Methods of delivery of the Goods are specified in the Online Store.Specific terms of delivery can be agreed between the Buyer and the manager ofthe Online Store when confirming the Order. The Online Store manager servingthe Order specifies the details of the Order, agrees on the delivery date,which depends on the availability of the ordered Goodsat the Seller's warehouseand the time required for the processing and delivery of the Order.
3.2. Delivery of the Goods placed in the Online Store is carried out to Austria,Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark,Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia,Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia,Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. The address for receiving the Goods may be chosenby the Buyer only within the boundaries of populated areas.
3.3. Upon delivery, the Order is handled to the recipient in accordancewith the data specified by the Buyer when making the Order. When the Order ispaidupon receipt, it may be delivered to a person who can provide informationabout the Order (Order number and/or Buyer's name), as well as pay the cost ofthe Order in full to the person who carries out the delivery of the Order.
3.4. In order to avoid cases of fraud, as well as to fulfill the assumedobligations, when delivering the prepaid Order, the person who delivers theOrder has the right to request a document confirming the identity of therecipient of the Goods, as well as to indicate the type and number of theidentification document provided by the recipient in the documents for theOrder.
3.5. The risk of accidental loss or accidental damage to the Goods passesto the Buyer from the moment the Goods are transferred to the Buyer. The titleto the Goods passes to the Buyer from the moment the Goods are transferred tothe Buyer, provided that the Goods have been paid for in full.
3.6. The delivery cost of each Order is calculated individually, based onthe weight of the Goods, the region, the method of delivery, as well as otherfactors, and is indicated in the Online Store when placing the Order.
3.7. Upon receipt of the Order from the Courier Service, the Buyer shall inspectthe delivered Goods and check their compliance with the stated quantity,assortment, completeness and quality, as well as check the shelf life of thedelivered Goods and the integrity of packaging. If there are no claims to thedelivered Goods, the Buyer shall sign the order delivery document or any othersimilar document given by the courier and pay for the Order (if the way ofpayment is payment upon receipt). The signature on the delivery documentscertifies that there are no claims to the Goods, and the Seller has fully andproperly fulfilled its obligation to transfer the Goods. The Buyer shallcommunicate the above instructions to any designated recipient of the Goods.


4.1. The price of the Goods is indicated in the Online Store and includesall applicable taxes.
4.2. If the price of the Goods ordered by the Buyer is incorrect, theSeller informs the Buyer thereof to confirm the Order at the corrected price orto cancel the Order. If it is impossible to contact the Buyer, such Order isconsidered to be cancelled. If the Order has been paid for, the Seller returnsto the Buyer the amount paid for the Order in the same way it was paid for.
4.3. The price of the Goods in the Online Store can be changed by theSeller unilaterally. In this case, the price of the Goods ordered by the Buyershall not be subject to change.
4.4.Terms of payment for the Goods by bank cards:
4.4.1. Bank card transactions are made by the cardholder or theirauthorized person.
4.4.2. Authorization of transactions on bank cards is carried out by thebank. If the bank has reasons to believe that the transaction is of fraudulentnature, the bank has the right to refuse to carry out this transaction.
4.4.3. In order to avoid misuse of bank cards, all the Orders placed on theSite and prepaid by bank card shall be verified by the Seller. In order toverify the cardholder's identity and eligibility to use the card, the Sellershall be entitled to require the Buyer who placed such Order to show for anidentity document.
4.5. The Seller is entitled to provide discounts on the Goods and establisha bonus program. Types of discounts, bonuses, procedure and conditions ofcalculation are determined by the Seller independently, specified in the OnlineStore and can be changed by the Seller unilaterally.If the recalculated value of the Goods is not an unsigned integer whenapplying the discount/bonus, such Goods value may be rounded up.
4.6. The Order shall be deemed unassembled if the Buyer has informed aboutthe change of the purchase decision before the moment of the beginning of theOrder assembly at the warehouse. If the Buyer informed the Seller about itafter the moment of the beginning of the Order's assembly at the warehouse,such Order is considered to be rejected.
4.7. The Seller has the right to block the "Upon Receipt" paymentmethod for the Buyer in the following cases:
1) If in accordance with the statistics within the framework of previouslyplaced consecutive 3 and more Orders, the volume of the Goods rejected by theBuyer will be more than 60% of the total volume of the Goods ordered;
2) If the share of unassembled Orders is more than 60% of the total numberof the Orders, and the number of rejected Orders is at least 4.In the first and in the second case, the Buyer will be able to use the methodof payment "Upon Receipt" again after the redemption of 1 to 3 Ordersin the total amount of not less than 40 within three consecutive months.
3) If the Buyer has committed or has been suspected by the Seller ofcommitting illegal actions aimed at causing losses to the Seller;
4) If the Buyer, in Seller's opinion, behaved improperly whilecommunicating with the manager of the Online Store, sales representative, otherrepresentatives of the Seller or the persons involved by the Seller in theexecution of the Order.If it is established that the Buyer, in respect of whom the decision toblock the "Upon Receipt" payment method is made, uses another accountto order the Goods on the "Upon Receipt" payment terms, the decisionto block the "Upon Receipt" payment method may also be made immediatelyin respect of such account. In order to determine the connection between theaccount and the person in respect of whom "Upon Ordering" paymentterms are set, it is sufficient that some of the identification data match orthe Seller has other information that allows to attribute the account to theperson in respect of whom the decision to block the "Upon Receipt"payment method has been made.The Buyer shall have the right to contact the manager of the Online Store
4.8 The Seller shall also be entitled to limit the payment methodsavailable to the Buyer depending on the volume of previous orders. The methodof payment "Upon Receipt" is not available to the Buyer who placedmore than 10 Orders or ordered more than 120 Goods within 7 days, or confirmedmore than 5 Orders or more than 80 Goods within 1 days.
4.9 The above provisions of clauses 4.7 and 4.8 are not discriminatory andare not intended to infringe on the rights guaranteed to consumers by law, butare aimed at reducing the Seller's losses.


5.1. The Goods shall be returned in accordance with the provisions ofapplicable law, this Agreement, and the Refund Policy. The Refund Policy is anintegral part of this Agreement.
5.2. Return of the Goods of improper quality:
5.2.1. Non-Quality Goods are goods that are defective. A defect in theGoods is non-compliance with the mandatory requirements stipulated by law, orwith the agreed conditions, or with the purposes for which the Goods of thiskind are usually used, or with the purposes of which the Seller was notified bythe Buyer when purchasing the Goods.
5.2.2. The appearance, completeness, quantity, assortment and quality ofthe Goods, as well as the completeness of the entire Order shall be checked bythe Buyer/recipient at the moment of delivery of the Goods.
5.2.3. The Buyer also has the right to file claims against the Seller fordefects in the Goods if they are discovered during the shelf life.
5.2.4. If the Goods of improper quality were handed over to the Buyer, theBuyer has the right to use the remedies provided by law.
5.2.5.Refund is made by returning the paid value of the Goods in the sameway as the payment was made. In case of cancellation or return of fully orpartially prepaid Order the value of the cancelled Goods is returned by the Sellerto the Buyer by the method by which the Goods were paid for. The method must bespecified in the relevant application for return.
5.2.6. Claims for return of money paid for the Goods are subject toconsideration within 10 (Ten) days from the date of receipt of the relevantclaim by the Seller.
5.2.7. In case of return of the Goods of improper quality, the Buyer shallenclose the following documents to the shipment containing the returned Goods:
- An application for the return of Goods and a refund;
- A copy of the payment receipt.


6.1. The Seller is not liable for any damage incurred by the Buyer due toimproper use of the purchased Goods.
6.2. The Buyer shall independently decide on the use of the purchased Goodsand undertakes to make such decision only after consultation with appropriateexperts or other persons having the relevant qualifications and knowledge inthe field of application of the relevant Goods.
6.3. Under no circumstances will the Seller, its suppliers or distributorsbe liable to the Buyer for indirect or unforeseeable losses.
6.4. The Seller shall not be liable for non-fulfillment of the Agreement ifany ordered Goods are out of stock or are no longer manufactured, if postal,transportation or communication services are disrupted or go on strike, or inthe event of other force majeure circumstances.
6.5. The Seller is not responsible for the content and functioning ofexternal websites, links to which are present on the Seller's website.


7.1. Personal data of the User/Buyer is processed in accordance with the applicablelegislation and the Privacy Policy posted on the Site.
7.2. Privacy Policy is an integral part of this Agreement. By continuing touse the Site, the User/Buyer agrees with the terms of personal data processing,specified in the Privacy Policy.


8.1. The Seller may independently assign or otherwise transfer its rightsand obligations arising from its relationship with the Buyer to third parties.
8.2. By placing the Order, the Buyer agrees that the Seller may assign theperformance to a third party, while remaining responsible for the performance.
8.3. The Online Store may be temporarily, partially or completelyunavailable due to preventive or other works or any other reasons of technicalnature. The Seller has the right to carry out necessary preventive or othermeasures from time to time without prior notice to the Buyer.
8.4. The relations between the User/Buyer and the Seller shall be governedby the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.
8.5. In the event of any questions or complaints from the Buyer, the Buyershall be entitled to address the Seller by any available means in writing. Atthe same time, the Seller's responses to appeals shall be deemed sent in properform if sent to the address specified by the Buyer when contacting the Seller.All disputes and disagreements shall be resolved by negotiation.
8.6. The Seller reserves the right to make changes in the terms of this Agreement without any prior notice, in connection with which the Buyer isobliged to independently monitor the changes on the Site. Changes come intoforce from the date of publication of the new edition of the Agreement on theSite, unless otherwise specified in the edition itself. The current andup-to-date version of the Agreement is posted on the Site.
8.7. If any of the provisions of the Agreement is declared void orunenforceable it shall not entail the invalidity of the remaining provisions.